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Ninja Odyssey Assassin Saga II

Ninja Odyssey Assassin Saga MOD APK v2.1.4 (Unlimited Money)

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Ninja Odyssey Assassin Saga MOD APK v2.1.4 (Unlimited Money,No ADS)
Last Updated (29/09/2023)

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Ninja Odyssey Assassin Saga MOD APK v2.1.4 (Unlimited Money,No ADS)

“Superhero Ninja Odyssey Assassin Saga Sword Fight

Let’s play and endless action and thrilling game, where you’ll learn real ninja and kung fu fighting styles. It is a pack of kung fu games and ninja fighting games. The odyssey ninja warrior is a deadliest fighter, there is no mercy for the enemies. Ninja warrior cut the enemies bodies in seconds. He is a well trained assassin, he can fought couple of fighter at a time and will beat them. Superhero Ninja Odyssey Assassin Saga Sword Fight 2019 is a modern combat fighting kung fu fatal ninja game which is full of action packed and ninja fighting skills.

Prove yourself as a superhero by showing the ninja assassin and survival skills in this superhero ninja assassin game 2019. You are the lord of fight war, use your assassin sword fight like ninja soldier with enemies in this sword ninja fight game.

This epic fun loving game contains multiple levels with secret missions each levels contains different environment and physics of game play. In this wildest 3D action game you are going to play as wildest angry ninja assassin saga fighter. You have been hired to complete secret mission where you first task ex general of a empire to save the land. Your main secret mission is to go after murder of the real king of a kingdom. 

 There are awaiting for you many traps, obstacles and enemy commando soldiers on the way.

You will have to fight out your enemies with your superhero, kick, punch, slash through them like a ninja hero or just climb away to disappear from the enemy area. Don’t get hit and take risk if you know how to move in odyssey. Be a ninja man and stand against traitor, kill all the enemies and take revenge his army who murdered your king with disloyalty. Use iron and gold action ninja swords, axes, hammers or bone bow to clear your way and vanish these traitors. You can buy them in the shop for gold you can find behind secret missions enter. With super equipment your super ninja hero can reach almost immortality.

Sneak and wait for good opportunity to hit in right moment finish all the enemies as rooftop assassin. Equip yourself as ninja fighter, take your assassin ninja sword, bow, arrows and sharpen spinner shuriken for long range target and fight like real ninja superhero warrior in this Superhero ninja assassin odyssey battle 2019.

Climb to top of the mountains tops and jump down to water as rooftop assassin to finish your fight creed assassination.  Unaware from your mercenary enemies you can finish the level like a real ninja rising odyssey hunter without of need to gear up and crime combat.

Superhero Ninja Odyssey Assassin Saga Sword Fight 2019 (GAME PLAY)

> Start your action ninja assassin game with checking all weapons
> Secret mission to save a land of ex general
> Kill the traitors army, who murdered your king
> Be a rooftop assassin and reach Kings place at mountains
> Finish the level and get gold coins

Superhero Ninja Odyssey Assassin Saga Sword Fight 2019 (FEATURES)

> Realist view of the mountains
> 3D graphics and realistic wonderful background music
> Assassin swords, hammers, axes, bone bows
> Different 360 camera views
> Non internet game, free downloadable
> Purchase favourite weapons and costumes
> Challenge yourself with tough battles fights”

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