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Survive zombie apocalypse HAZE

Survive zombie apocalypse MOD APK v0.24.205 (Free Shopping)

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Survive zombie apocalypse HAZE MOD APK v0.24.205 (Free Shopping)
Last Updated (07/10/2023)

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Requires Android
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Survive zombie apocalypse HAZE MOD APK v0.24.205 (Free Shopping)

Download and play this RPG action game about survival in severe conditions after the apocalypse.

The storyline of the RPG action game is about a fight against a zombie.
After waking up tomorrow you realize that the old world has gone. You are one of the survivors in your state. It is dawn and the zombie apocalypse has started not long ago. The action game and your personal part in a survival story – your last day on earth – start now. This is very dangerous. All days are like the last one on earth. Now you are not just a human — you are a survivalist. You will have to fight for your life, learn to survive and shoot in order to save yourself from zombies. Let’s start to explore a new world.

Download this top-down 3D shooting game and begin your survival for free. This RPG shooter is perfect for those who like offline and online shooters, survival games about a last day and who prefer some entertainment in real life.

A great travel where you need to stay alive, whatever it takes is waiting for you. But staying one of the survived in the post-apocalypse is a real challenge.

Zombie RPG games features:
opening new locations after quest playthroughs and fighting with zombies to stay alive;
playing in the withstandz is available in the English language with or without the internet;
try the premium subscription (with the access to all of the storages with workbench and no ads);
buy all necessary guns and resources for your defense vs Z to outlive in the post apocalypse.

Each survivor is dead in the future. That’s why:

Fight and survive at any cost.

Open new locations and prey valuable resources in a city or forest and save the outlived in this complicated world. Use a workbench and create tools, upgrade a gun and a fortress defense like it’s the last day of your life.

Stock up everything on your way (wood, rock, fish) in order to survive in your hideout.

While meeting a trader offer him your prepper benefit and prey, make the deal and outlive in severe conditions of this dark world.

Develop your character (about 20 features) and create a unique outlived hero.

You can hide beyond a sturdy fence in a safe zone, keep safe in a cellar or battle with a Z because you’re a survivor now.

The action RPG games features:
🔸 top down game with different locations;
🔹 the character can change (clothes, face) and upgrade skills for surviving;
🔸 there are time survival statistics of your achievements;
🔹 the dubbing of the main prepper: he has a personality, his own emotions, phrases and thoughts.

Zombie Survival is a true 3D survival game: you have to not to die at any cost, find survivors, play against Z with your own rules, live in the post apocalyptic world and fight for your life like it’s your last day. Stay alive or let zombies kill you. Fight for your place on earth, hope and survive in the apocalypse.

This endless top down action shooter, a simulator with several rules, is a fascinating story of survival!

Fight, each dead man is dangerous. Life is a challenge. The new game has just started.

Safety Check:

The game/app has been tested and does not contain any viruses!

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